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Tickets to Real Madrid Fixture 2018-19

Here you can see Real Madrids fixture list at the Santiago Bernabéu for this season. We sell ticket for all home matches in La Liga, the Spanish cup and for European matches. Read more about Real Madrid here

Real Madrid CF was founded in 1902 as a result of a merger of two other Madrid clubs. Already in 1905 they won their first title when they beat Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Cup final.

There was a time when football was not globalized. If you wanted to see a football match, you had to visit your nearest football arena and see their local team play, no one had a closer look at the teams in other leagues and in other countries.
But then matches started being broadcast on black and white tv devices and Real Madrid, "Los Merengues", became famous all over the world thanks to their ability. Over the years they have built up their empire and slowly but surely have taken over the football world.

Real Madrid is not the world's largest club, if you look at organization and supporters, and they are not the world's richest club either (although they come very close). However, Real Madrid is surely the club with the highest reputation in the world.
One reason why Real Madrid is so well-known is the Galacticos project, the "Galactic" team built in 2002/03. Back then Real Madrid's dressing room at the mighty Santiago Bernabéu stadium was full of world-class players: David Beckham, Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Raúl, Zidane, and Michael Owen were some of the stars playing in the team. Today, even being only linked to Real Madrid is the highest praise a footballer can get.

In 2018, Real Madrid made history for the second time in two years by winning their third Champions League in a row. After that, manager Zidane left, and Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus. However, Real will surely try to win the fourth Champions League, and try to dethrone Barcelona as the king of La Liga.

Real Madrid

Fixture 2018-19

The season is over. Tickets for next season will be on sale in June–. Please check the website for details.

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